5 Common Reasons For Demolishing Buildings In Wellington

Buildings are periodically demolished when they have reached the end of their lifespan and have been rendered unsafe or unfit for human use. Here are a few more reasons why  building demolition Wellington are done. 

The building is condemned.

Local authorities have the right to declare a building as condemned and not fit for human use or habitation. This occurs when the building contains structural problems, sanitation problems, or the entire area where the building is located become unsafe. A building may become so old that it becomes a safety hazard for pedestrians.

The building becomes too expensive to maintain.

Old, pre-war buildings tend to have old-fashioned heating and cooling systems that require more power to operate. This could mean that tenants have to pay higher amounts to heat the place in the winters or cool it down in the summer. If an entire building becomes too expensive to maintain, the owner may decide to tear it down and build a modern structure equipped with newer, more energy efficient technology to save on maintenance costs in the long run. Some cities may also have ordinances to this effect which mandates that older buildings be torn down to make way for more energy efficient structures. 

The building is not earthquake safe.

The use of low quality materials, problems in the design, unsafe foundations, are some of the reasons the building could be non-compliant with the current building code. For example, Wellington follows the New Zealand Code which specifies that erected buildings must be designed to withstand natural calamities such as earthquakes. Any design problems could render the building unsafe for normal use and make it vulnerable when earthquakes occur. This is grounds for demolishing the building so that a new, code-compliant structure can be built in its place. 

To make way for a new building.

In some cases, building owners develop a new plan for a new building and need to take the older structure down. This is often the case when ownership of new apartment buildings change hands and the new owners want to rebuild in the same lot.

The building has become socially unacceptable. 

Although this is rare, a building can be demolished when it is no longer socially acceptable. For example, buildings that were the site of human tragedies are often demolished and the area turned into memorials to commemorate the event. A building may become aesthetically unacceptable when its design does not complement the surrounding buildings and areas. This can happen in cities where strict urban planning is enforced and buildings must conform to specific construction and aesthetic requirements.

There are many reasons why a building is demolished. However, no matter what the reason is, only professional demolition companies are allowed to conduct these operations because they have the training and equipment to facilitate a demolition that is safe for both people and the environment. If you are looking for companies that conduct building demolition in Wellington there are a number of reputable companies that use the latest technologies to conduct safe and efficient commercial building demolition Wellington.